What is Workplace Harassment and how do I deal with it?

What is Workplace Bullying and Harassment?
Is there Recourse for Workplace Bullying and Harassment?
Recent Developments in the Labour Landscape
Scenario A: Peers
Scenario B: Boss
What if I am a part-timer or gig worker or freelancer?
Question and Answer Segment
Key Takeaway

This webinar was presented live on 1 November 2023 as part of Law Awareness Weeks @ CDC 2023.

Are you tired of feeling helpless when faced with workplace harassment? 

Do you yearn for a safe and respectful workplace where your potential can flourish?

Are you ready to stand up, speak out, and champion positive change?

Uncertain on how to unravel the complexities of workplace harassment and wondering if there are practical strategies to confront and overcome it? Feel to the need to cultivate a culture of inclusivity and respect at your workplace, ensuring that every employee’s rights are protected?

Join our moderator, Serene Gan (Deputy Head of Legal, International Property Group) and speakers Amarjit Kaur (Partner, Withers KhatterWong) and Patrick Tay (Assistant Secretary-General, Director, Legal, NTUC) as they explore effective methods for preventing and addressing workplace discrimination and harassment, and learn how to implement robust policies that promote equality and diversity. Let’s create workplaces where fairness thrives, fosters employee engagement, productivity, and long-term success!